All persons seeking the return of a firearm MUST submit a completed application with proof of ownership and a valid state-issued Driver License. Photos of documents will not be accepted. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be immediately denied and returned.

Applications for firearm release can also be obtained from the the security desk at 170 North Main. It is strongly recommended that users read the Frequently Asked Questions section before submitting an application.

Frequently Asked Questions | Firearms Release Process – PDF
Standard Firearm Release Request Form – PDF
Agency Firearm Release Request Form – PDF
Insurance Claim Firearm Release Request Form – PDF


Please read before beginning the firearm release application process:

  • Q: How do I request the release of my firearm?

    A: Submitting a Firearm Release Request (FRR) application can be done in two steps.

    1. Download, print and complete the online application.

    2. Submit by mail or via e-mail.

  • Q: Can I request the release of multiple firearms?

    A: Yes.

    Applicants may request multiple firearms per one application if each firearm is tagged under the same Incident Report Number. To request additional firearms tagged under different report numbers, please print and submit a separate application.

  • Q: Are there submission requirements?

    A: Yes.

    Persons seeking the return of a firearm must submit a completed application along with proof of ownership and a valid state-issued Driver License. Acceptable forms of proof of ownership include: Original or duplicate copy of the Bill of Sale or receipt issued at the time of purchase OR a notarized letter stating sole ownership, make, model and serial number. If a Bill of Sale or receipt is handwritten, it must also be notarized.

    Applications must also include an Incident Report Number, Property Receipt Number and Serial Number in order to be properly processed.

    Incomplete applications will be returned. Photos of applications are not permissible.

  • Q: How do I obtain Incident Report and/or Property Receipt Numbers?

    A: Report Numbers can be obtained by contacting the Central Records Department.

    If a firearm is confiscated by MPD, an Incident Report Number and Property Receipt Number will be issued at the time of the arrest or incident. Applicants may purchase an Incident Report from the MPD Central Records Department by calling (901) 636-3650. The report fee for Tennessee residents is $0.15 per page and $15.00 total for non-Tennessee residents.

  • Q: What could prevent the release of my firearm?

    A: Firearms will not be released if:

     The owner is a convicted felon.

     The owner has an active Order of Protection in effect.

     The owner has been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution.

     The owner has been dishonorably discharged from the military.

     The owner is not a naturalized U.S. Citizen.

     The owner has a narcotics or drug paraphernalia conviction.

     The weapon was used in a homicide.

  • Q: What could delay the release of my firearm?

    A: Firearms will not be available for immediate release if:

     The suspect/defendant has pending court.

     The owner/applicant has pending court.

     The owner/applicant fails Identification Interstate Index (III) background check.

     The weapon is being held as evidence.

     Application submission requirements have not been met.


    Owners with weapons held as evidence in post-preliminary hearing General Sessions Criminal Court proceedings will be referred to the Shelby County Attorney General’s Office at (901) 222-1900 for firearm release disposition. In such cases, Firearm Releases will be the responsibility of the prosecutors.

  • Q: How long does the release process take?

    A: All requests are reviewed as soon as possible once all required documents have been received.

    The Memphis Police Department takes a proactive approach in handling and processing applications. However, because each matter is different, they are processed on a case by case basis

  • Q: How will I know when my application has been received?

    A: Applicants will be notified by email upon receipt of completed application.

    Once required documents have been received and approved, applications will be submitted to the assigned investigator for review and the applicant will be notified via e-mail or U.S. mail if no e-mail address is provided.

  • Q: Will I be contacted with a status update?

    A: No.

    Due to the high volume of requests, applicants will only be contacted once the firearm is available for release.

  • Q: May I pick my weapon up at any time?

    A: Firearms will be released by appointment ONLY.

    Upon completion of firearm release process, applicants will be contacted by a Property & Evidence staff member to schedule an appointment for firearm release. Property will not be released without valid state-issued identification.

    Appointments are only set Monday – Friday, 8a – 3p. If an appointment is missed without prior notice, case paperwork will be returned and it will be the responsibility of the applicant to reschedule.

    Be advised that any unclaimed firearms may be disposed of by a law enforcement agency or court 180 days after the owner has been notified that the firearm is available for retrieval.

  • Q: I’m unable to make my appointment. May I send someone else to pick the weapon up for me?

    A: Yes.

    Applicants may opt to send someone in their stead. A background and court disposition check will be conducted on the person retrieving the weapon.


    Doing this will prolong the return of said weapon to its owner.

  • Q: Will my ammunition be returned to me?

    A: No.

    Ammunition will not be returned with the firearm.

  • Q: If I am not a resident of Memphis, can my weapon be shipped?

    A: Yes.

    Weapons may be shipped to a Law Enforcement Agency in applicant’s jurisdiction. It will then be the responsibility of that agency to release said weapon to its owner.

    Please indicate on the application whether or not the weapon is to be shipped. Once a contact has been secured with the receiving agency, applicant will be notified via email with payment information. Property will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

    At no time will weapons be shipped to applicant’s residence.

  • Q: If I don’t want my firearm anymore, can I turn it in to the police department?

    A: Yes.

    If you choose to relinquish ownership of your firearm, you may submit a notarized letter of your intent to the address below. Please include the make, model and serial number in your letter.

    Submit notarized letters here:

    Memphis Police Department
    170 N. Main Street
    Memphis, TN 38103
    Attn: Legal/Relinquish Ownership