The purpose of the Citizen’s Police Academy is to provide the citizens of Memphis with a better understanding of police functions, how policies are developed, the decision making process, and what an officer experiences on a day-to-day basis. The academy is held one day a week, 9 week course for three hours a week. The academy classes are held at each Memphis Police Department station.

Participants are eligible to participate in a ride-a-long with a police officer, before or after the completion of the CPA program. This will give the citizens a better knowledge of what a Police Officer’s 8 hours tour of duty encompasses. The classes also provide the citizens with prevention awareness practices and comprehension strategies about ways to avoid becoming victimized.

The CPA also provides the citizens with the correct steps to file a report or inquire about personal property. Upon completion of the CPA, the graduates will serve as a liaison between the department and the community to report suspicious and criminal activity. The liaison will also help the department to identify economically challenged families who are living in unsafe conditions, need assistance with services such as food, clothes, and shelter. The responding officers will assist the families and provide them with the resources that can improve their quality of life.


If you are interested in joining our Citizen’s Police Academy, please click the link below to download the application form. Once completed, please return the application to the precinct you plan to attend for Citizen’s Police Academy classes.