CONTACT: 901-636-4685

The Special Events Office is responsible for maintaining a smooth flow of traffic during special events. Please contact the Special Events Office for timely coordination, prior to applying for a permit.

All block parties, parades, walks, runs, street closures, and public assemblies require a permit. These permits ensure that traffic in the city remains safe.

The City of Memphis Permits Office issues all permits for street closures, parades, runs, walks, and public assemblies. All applications for events that request temporary structures in the street or right-of-way are REQUIRED to go before City Council for approval.

The permits MUST be filed three (3) weeks PRIOR to the event. These structures include but are not limited to stages, platforms, facades, banners, and port-a-potties. City Council requests all applicants needing temporary structures to come before them as part of the request.

If the event requires street closure, the applicant/sponsor is responsible for:

  1. Obtaining a $1 million dollar liability insurance policy naming the City of Memphis as an additional insured;
  2. Obtaining and providing barricades to close the street;
  3. Obtaining and providing uniform security guards at each street closure.

For further information, call the Permits Office at 901-636-6735.