The Clergy Police Academy (CLPA) is an educational awareness program that was designed as a result of Director Armstrong meeting with area ministers in 2011 to support and strengthen collaborative partnerships between the faith-based community and law enforcement.

The CLPA is a six-week, 12-hour curriculum that consists of classroom instruction and group discussion to emphasize some of the most common law enforcement and crime-related issues that may impact clergy and their congregations.

CLPA | Application for Enrollment – PDF

Clergy Police Academy | Application for Enrollment

Criminal background checks will be conducted as a requirement for CLPA enrollment:

This session of the Clergy Police Academy will be limited to 50 students. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the class. However, submitting applications as early as possible is strongly encouraged to increase likelihood of class enrollment.

By submitting this application for enrollment, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the following: If selected to become a participant in the Memphis Police Department's Clergy Police Academy, I do hereby agree to attend all sessions as scheduled. I further agree to use the information obtained from the CLPA experience to help support and assist law enforcement efforts throughout the community.