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The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit is a full-time operational unit responsible for conducting on-site investigations at the scenes of violent crimes (homicides, sex crimes, robberies, aggravated assaults, and missing persons), and property crimes (burglaries, auto thefts, and thefts or destruction of property over $10,000).

CSI also handles any follow-up investigative requests for which CSI services are needed to process, collect, preserve, package, transport, analyze, and document physical and/or trace evidence that will assist in the successful investigation and prosecution of offenders committing crimes in Memphis.

CSI is a support unit to all bureaus within Investigative Services and provides training to regional law enforcement personnel in the area of crime scene investigations. In 2018, CSI responded to 5,052 radio calls, initiated 18,853 specials, handled 4,877 scenes, and processed 2,044 vehicles. CSI also participated in 4 Citizen’s police academy events, 3 demonstrations, and facilitated numerous training events for regional law enforcement agencies.


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The Domestic Violence Unit (DV) is responsible for investigating incidents involving domestic violence. The DV Unit works closely with the Citizens Dispute Office and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office regarding Domestic Violence warrants and protective orders. In 2018, the DV Unit reviewed 17,761 cases which included 1,885 aggravated assaults and 9,487 simple assaults.


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Felony Response handles preliminary investigations of all types of crime classifications. Offenses investigated include: rape, homicide, robbery, burglary, and larceny. In 2018, Felony Response handled 4,583 calls and 837 arrests.


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The Homicide Bureau is responsible for conducting all investigations related to homicides, suicides, and natural or accidental deaths. Memphis recorded 222 homicides in 2018. The Homicide Bureau was able to clear 72% of all homicides in 2018, which is higher the national average.


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The Missing Persons Unit handles all cases involving missing persons and runaways. During 2018, Missing Persons Investigators handled 4,192 cases. Of those cases, 1,107 were missing persons and 2,506 were runaways.


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This unit is responsible for handling investigations involving any sexual or physically abusive crime. In 2018, the Sex Crimes/Juvenile Abuse Squad reviewed 1,528 total cases which included 352 rapes, 222 occurrences of forcible fondling, and 105 stalking complaints with 703 arrests made.